Monday, 26 November 2012

The Seeds of Inspiration

In the Golden Age of Dutch classical painting, Rachel Ruysch crafted still life after still life of vivid floral arrangements, bursting from their canvases to bloom before a viewer's eyes. Beethoven composed sweeping symphonies to convey to listeners his deep awe of the tranquil countryside. Henry David Thoreau isolated himself in the wilderness to pursue pure living, finding his spark among the thickets and channeling it into magnificent writings. Even Frank Lloyd Wright's monumental works of architecture grew from the seeds of nature. Around us, birds let their happiness resound through the air. With so much potential waiting to blossom outside the window, why should we, too, not be moved to sing?

My life and my work are celebrations of nature. Like Ruysch, I never grow tired of putting paint to canvas in studies of flowers - there is always some new perspective by which to see them, some new way to showcase their inherent grace. Flowers possess a universal beauty, symbolic of so much to so many, from sorrow to happiness to love. They are a divine blessing worthy of praise and thanks.

Nature provides me with unbounded and ever-flowing inspiration, sanctuary for my soul, and delight for my eyes. It is the mother of my palette and the muse in my compositions. The world beyond our cities is a treasure and should be treated as such; we will only be able to continue to reap the benefits of such a gift if we honor and protect it.

Do you recall the last time you dimmed the glow of your computer screen, ignored the pleas of your phone for a moment, and conversed only with nature? In the ceaseless rushing of life, with obligations tugging you in every direction, it is so easy to forget about the sweetness of a rose's aroma - and once you pause to enjoy it, you will notice that these roses are everywhere! Only when you learn to appreciate the many gifts given to us freely by our world will you truly find lasting peace, joy, and inspiration to create. I hope to remind others of this simple, but significant lesson.

I have created a giant sculpture, a magnificent flower of "Love and Peace", which travels the world to speak to all in the wordless tongue of natural beauty, peace and tranquility which can be yours if only you too can see it.

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